Sorcini By Design

Landscape series: below is a sample of a series that is an expression of my appreciation, enjoyment and passion for California and Los Angeles in particular.  

"Echo Park"  Oil Pastels 10" X 14" on paper board.
This is a study for a few larger canvases, it is my interpretation of an afternoon in the park, I painted my feelings of my experience.  

"CATUS CROWN" 30"H X 24W" Oil on Canvas.
This painting is from my ongoing landscape series and was a plant purchased from the 99cent store many years ago and placed in my front yard. Its beauty reaches out like tentacles creating reflected colors highlighted by the California afternoon sun. Growing rapidly in the Los Angeles desert sun. Currently on exhibition at the La Galeria Giana in San Fernando Valley.
"High Desert Sierras"
24" X 48"  Acrylic on Canvas
"Contemplation 2"
22" X 28" Acrylic on Canvas
"Like Coi"
"36 X 36" Acrylic on Canvas
"Moonlight Skate"
"Moonlight Skate" 24" X 48" Acrylic on Canvas
24" X 36" Acrylic on Canvas

"Starry Night" acrylic on Canvas 48" X 36"

Mac Author Park at night still a meeting place for night concerts and in an area where the population mostly South American it is used for recreation for the whole family.  It has a feeling of magic and fantasy that remains one of my personal treasures of the City of Los Angeles.

"Windy Echo"
"24 X 30" Acrylic on Canvas
36" X 48" Acrylic on Canvas

"Downtown LA" Acrylic on Canvas 39" X 39"

My look at the beginning of the change of the LA cityscape with the addition of the Staple Center and Nokia Entertainment Center.  Symbolically we are in a climb which tends to make small of the individual.

"Echo Park Skyscape"  Acrylic on Canvas 16" X 20"   This is a unique park on the out skirts of Hollywood just south of the older Sunset Blvd. and just north of the City of Los Angeles.  It still has a functioning boat house just southeast of the water fountain.  It has many different looks.  I love how it looks near sunset.

"Echo Park Contemplation" Oil Pastels on paper board. 10" X 14"

This is on the west shore of the Echo Park Lake a path that whines around the lake with beautiful scenery everywhere you look.

"5 & Main" Acrylic on Canvas 39" X 39"

This area of downtown LA is a dichotomy, it has some of the most beautiful older buildings with some luxurious interiors that have somewhat been neglected, in the distance symbolically is the shiny new architecture looming
"El Sereno Hillside" Pastels on Paper 12.5" X 12.5"  this is a pastel sketch for work on canvas.   This scenery from my belcony has so many different looks as it is back lite by the sunrise, sunsets and has a magical look sometimes that intriges my fantasy quotant.  
"Glendale Twin Parks Landscape"  12.5" X 12.5" Prima Color on black paper.  This is scene remainded me that Los Angeles is basicly a desert, browns and dark greens are part of the natural landscape.  Study for larger paintings.        

"Glendale Twin Parks II" Oil Pastels on Paper Board 15" X 20".      This is another of Glendale City's lovely park.  It lives on a southwest facing hillside so the trees and land collect the sunrise and sunset color of the sky.

"Rialto South Pasadena" Acrylic on Canvas 24" X 24” This is South Pasadena's shame.  This was a theater, in its day; it hosted live performances, many Rocky Horror Picture shows, a community of young people that got on stage for that movie and a date place with a lovely interior.  Sadly, it is now in disrepair with no funds to repair it.  This image is a surreal look as it still exists in my mind.
"Washington Park Bridge"
Watercolor  11.5" X 9"  on Paper
"Washington Bridge Winter Breeze" Oil Pastels  10" X 14" on paper board
"Washington Park Bridge"  10" X 14" on paper board.  SOLD
"Humming Bird Alley" Acrylic on Board box 11"X14".

This is like a secret garden located in Santa Barbara near the Biltmore Hotel and The Santa Barbara Music Academy both outrageously beautiful places, exclusive and hard to reach. There are only two entrances one only by foot and the other full of traffic trying to get on the freeway but it is worth the trip. Hummingbird Alley is closer to the Music Academy and is on a hill that is part of the public beach but can not be seen from the beach. It is a beautiful garden looks like wild flowers growing naturally. This is one of my favorite California places, I have been coming here for many years.
I include this painting in my California Landscape series as one of our most beautiful places on earth. Just a small piece of land but it moves my heart