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"The Leap" Oil on Canvas 24" X 36"

Miss Violetta Antonia Sorcini, a visual artist, says that this painting is an expression of the adventurous nature of children. In this case, the northwest wall of the Barnsdall Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, provides a risky game, jumping off a very thin ledge into a hillside about 4 feet to the ground. The picture illustrates the calm everyday nature of this event where a young girl is the only audience to an exciting game.

Creative Visual Artist based in Los Angeles, CA

Above are the links for the two series of artwork I am starting with this year. This is not the complete list of art that I have produced. I am starting with a few samples until I completely finish this website. I am displaying the art with its specific data and with some information on what I did to create it. My focus in my art is color, composition, and a personal message. My work is full of symbolism, and it imposes my philosophy and message that I wish to communicate with my audience while creating aesthetics.

Since I am focusing on evolving from my non-objective abstract art, I am sure there are many challenges I will encounter. The fun for me is inventing solutions. Please know that my primary goal is high-quality art (which means that I am channeling all my talents, introspection, and hard work to produce a well-crafted piece) with a very personal message coming from my life experiences. As time allows, I will add my experimental work, my method for deciding where my work is going in the next few years. I have displayed figurative artwork in a large format so that it is a show that will allow you to examine the work close up with details. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit.

Violetta Antonia Sorcini