Sorcini By Design

Artwork in Los Angeles, CA 

This page has samples of the "Youth" series. My artwork is based in Los Angeles, CA, and it represents the enthusiastic imagination and adventuras nature of young people.  I enjoy inserting symbolism of the challenges of growing up, politics, culture and the changing hurdles that are presented to our young people as part of what we call the new reality.

"Body & Paint" 24" X 30" Acrylic on Canvas
"Will's Bow" 16"X20" Acrylic on Canvas
Abstract Artwork
"My Personal America"  Acrylic on Canvas 36" X 36"
Figurative Art
"Woman Under Water/Donna Sotto Acqua" 
22" X 28" Acrylic on Canvas $1,800
Figurative Artwork
"Bewitched by Red"
16" X 20" mesurants unframed
Watercolor/mix media on Art Paper
This is a portrait of a dynamic personality, I wanted to capture her bewitching magic in color contrast  

"Beef  Milk Oil" 16" X 20" Oil on Canvas
a satire related to global warming.  
"Chupa Cabra Chorus Line Vs Pig"  16" X 20" Oil on Canvas by Violetta Antonia Sorcini
This is the first painting of a new series called Animal Farm after the children book.  This series uses satire to make a social or political statement.

Having lost a brother to the Vietnam War, severed and experienced the Vietnamese culture, I have developed a respect for the long history of a people that struggled through many years of occupation yet managed to retain a rich culture.  The people have retained a strong connection to the earth while moving to join in modern development in Ho Chi Minh City.  My effort here is to paint a little of my feeling and thoughts in honor and remembrance of a turning point for both our countries.
 "Boys with Chalk"  Oil on Canvas 11" X 14"
Made in East Los Angeles, inspired by a Boyle Heights Craft and Art Street Fair.  Children were given chalk and many children took up an adventure of imagination, ignoring the crowds of people visiting merchants booths, food trucks, performers and music. I simply wanted to comment on the magic.

"Cosa Primitivo" 20" X 24"  Acrylic on Canvas framed in dark wood.  This is a creation image depicting a creator breing life to a new world with the spirit of humanity, symbolicly a humming bird, giving guidence. This image was created for an exhibition at the ChimMaya Art Gallery in Los Angeles. V
"Chalk Doll Two"   36" X 48"  Acrylic on Canvas. Symbolic painting regarding youth.
"Alice on the Court" 9" X 12" Acrylic on Canvas.  
This painting is about social contrast, I took care to give this painting a deep thinking through as I constructed the composition.
"Boy  On a Stump" 22" X 28" Acrylic on Canvas.
I am inspired to present the enthusiastic imagination of youth.
"Andy" 25" X 30" Watercolor on Paper.
I enjoy this casual self confident pose.
"Chalk Art Woman"  24" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas

"Girl with Doll" 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas.
This painting is my first attempt to deal with this concept.
"Malisha on Tennis Court" 11" X 14" Acrylic on Canvas.
"Party Boy" 6" X 8" Acrylic on Canvas.
"Young Man on Court" 9" X 12" Acrylic on Canvas

"Girl with the Pinata 19x25 pastel on paper"
"Hiding Places" 25.5x21 Pastel on Paper"
"Tony" 9" X 6"   Watercolor on Paper
"Basket Ball"       9x11.5     Watercolor on Paper
"Andy"  21x15.5    Pencil on Paper
"Pink2"    11x15 Watercolor    Mixed Media on Paper
"Pink"   11x14   Acrylic on Canvas
"Eyes and Face"  12.5 X 12.5  Mix media on Paper
"Blue Glasses" 24" X 48" Acrylic on Canvas 
This is from a new series of portraits of artists, performers, poets and movie industry people in my life.
"Homless LH"
18" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas
A self portrait from a 3" X 5" family B&W photograph
"Boy Wall Window"
18" X 30" Oil on Canvas