"High Desert Seirras"  24" X 48" Acrylic on Canvas.
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My Artist Statement:

My artwork tells a story, allegories, making stories of my life, experiences and what matters to me.   They are interpretations of my senses and thoughts.  They are romantic, ironic, satirical, concepts of anxiety and tension.  My images come from my surroundings the cultures entangled in my life and the inherent struggles that transcend challenges and take on a beauty of their own.  My images come from a view from the streets, culture of strength and complexity that resist oppression and find creative outlets.

I keep my series small, limited, using multiple mediums including graphics, painting, photography, computer graphic, writing and poetry.  My colors are vivid because we live in an era of bright lights, the internet, hight commercial and material societies that demand flash images that change daily.  Most important to me is the integration of intent with composition as part of my aesthetics, presentation and concepts communicated.

My work has its roots in the contemporary influences of California abstract artists like Richard Diebenkorn and historically inspired by Caravaggio both masters of form and composition but tempered with a contemporary eye.  I want my audience to see the intricacy and integrations of composition and message.

Violetta Antonia Sorcini: Biography

Raised in East Los Angeles leaving home at the age of Fifteen MS. Violetta Antonia Sorcini became acquainted with street and mural artists Los Cuatro from East Los Angeles.  Inspired, she graduated from UCLA School of Arts studying an influenced by Richard Diebenkron, Sam Amato, Jan Stussy among others.  Ms. Sorcini had a long career as an abstract artist, showing regularly with representation in Los Angeles and in New York.  Her honors included a residency in Spain and being invited by His Majesty Juan Carlos II to a group show at the Palace Armory in Madrid, with notable American and European artists Jamie Wyeth and works by the renowned Spanish artist Xavier Corbero.  Over 15 years ago, she was stricken with a near fatal illness with a long rehabilitation.  Having restarted her art career with a number of projects that involve taking a look at her social and physical environments and making interpretations from experiences and social sensibilities.  Currently, exhibiting locally, internationally and associated with the ChimMaya Art Gallery and La Galleria Gitana in Los Angeles, California. 

Violetta Antonia Sorcini "V"


"Fall at Washington Park" 24" X48" Acrylic on Canvas.
This my most recent addition to the landscape series.
This painting is somewhat of an exception to the way I develop a painting. From the beginning I had a clear vision of what I wanted out of this painting, the way it should look, the symbolism and my desire to make it look pretty. I want people to appreciate every bit of our beautiful environment, to use it and become one with it.
Part of the reason for choosing figurative work is that the symbolism is more direct. So giving you a key to my artworks symbolism, the things that occupy my mind while creating an artwork, are the great energy and imagination of children, our environment, climate change, and our social relationships to each other and sex. All these things are related of course but I am focused on developing and exposing that relationship as my work progresses.
I sincerely had so much fun creating this painting, it turned out to be more challenging than I thought it would be. The next few canvases I am working on are definitely challenging I hope that you come back to check them out.

Stage One:
"Midnight Bball" 36" X 48" Acrylic On Canvas.
Sometime in the 1990's the US government financed a program to reduce inner city violence by empowering municipalities to start programs of Midnight Basketball for teens and young adults.  Here in Southern California it might have received lukewarm support from most of the citizens except in the urban areas.  Here it an important part of structured participation for "At Risk Youth" 
I have attended many of these games for at least two decades in the Los Angeles County area.  This painting is my impression of a what I see happens at these games.  The most interesting thing I have noticed is the intensity, devotion and focus of the young people participating.  The structure of these games started as supervised pick up games to tournaments and finally leagues.  You see young people raine in there issues to learn structure and discipline.  Ball hoggers become team players and teens with risky or criminal behavior become team captains. What continue to fascinate me was the pick up games to happen outside of the Midnight Basketball program, training camp if you will for younger people form 12 years old to 15 years both young boys and girls.
I saw what happens for many people when they are intensly focused in something the truly love they entern the "Zone" action in a haze of movement.
This was my goal in this painting.  I sketched the figures on canvas hoping for the ideas and flow of subconscious to take over.  I structured my canvas to explore a dynamics of direction breaking up the space to illustrate patterns and a magical environment.  I quickly became unhappy with where I was going with this painting so I put it in a very visual place and waited til I had a clear vision of where to go with it.  The urge to illustrate, paint in a realistic fashion was strong and I felt I needed to call on my experience in abstract art.
"Midnight Bball" 36" X 48" Acrylic On Canvas.
It took courage to challenge myself to just start painting, to put on canvas what I knew and felt about Midnight Basketball.  I deferred from painting graphic details to painting my impression of the experience, attacking the canvas as it were an abstract attempt to depict movement frozen in time.  Images of youth participating in and totally lost in a Zonal focus.  It was challenging to keep the composition moving leaving details to impressions of what the figures and faces were doing and expressing.
When the park was constructed the river or stream was piped underground and ends at a small lake on private property in a Pasadena neighborhood. At times the few drains that exist on the property clog up and the water creates a small lake that exists in the gully under the bridge. As the light falls on some of the green trees the oaks glitter with fall colors making the park sparkle in the morning and evening light.
This painting is a challenge as I paint what is in my eyes memory and as I recall it.  I am making some edits here adding a few details so that I can see a symbolic reference to my minds wonderings.  I am inclinded to make them subtle as to not interfer with the total image.