Sorcini By Design
          "John Otterbridge"   Oil Canvas 40" x 30"

         Mr. Otterbridge is community activist living and working in Los Angeles. He was the first director of the Watts Towers Art Center, and served in that role for seventeen years.          That is where I first met John.  He was anxious to show me his prize collection of unique musical instruments.  I believe he is currently living in Altadena just northeast of Los Angeles. 

Figurative Art in Los Angeles, CA
Here I have placed other figurative art works that are not part of a particular series, they are studies or beginnings of a series, ideas for other series and just imaginations that just have to be worked out on paper or canvas. My artwork is based in Los Angeles, CA.
Figurative Art
"Armando Cabral" 12" X 12" Oil Pastels on board.

Figurative Artwork
"Barrio Goddess" Acrylic on canvas 28" x 22"
SOLD "Angels"   20" x 24"   Acrylic on Canvas
This is a study, I like the idea of angles having fun.
"Asian Woman" 18" X 24" pastels on paper.  A Study
"CECILIA"  12" X 12" Oil Pastels on Paper
"Natasha" 36" X 48" Acrylic on Canvas
"Dancing Woman"   22.5" X "28.5   Mix Midea on Paper
"Day Dream" 18" X "24  Pastels & Colored Pencil on Paper
"Adrys"  24" X 30" Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
"Beautiful Black Woman" 12" X "18   Pastels On Paper
"Gio" Acrylic On Canvas "24 X "24
"Henry"  24" X "24 Acrylic on Canvas
"LA Woman on the Move" Mix media on board 27" X 32"
"La Dogmatica"   24"X30"   Acrylic on Canvas
"Lady with Fan"  16" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas
"Lewis" Acrylic On Canvas 24" X 24"
"Love Ballad" 48"X "36  Acrylic On Canvas
"Massacre at Chechnya" Acrylic on canvas   36" X 24"
"Mom Pop and Me"   19" X 24.5"  Watercolor On Paper
"White Virgin" Oil On Canvas 24" X 30"
"D O D Bride" Acrylic On Canvas 24" X 30"
"Sonya" Acrylic  On Canvas 16" X 20"
"LA Women on the Move2"   Mix media on board   27" X 32"
"Laura as Joan of Arch"   oil canvas   49.5 x 60
In this painting I took an old wooden chair turned it over had my model Laura on the back end and took a broom and put a tabel cloth on top and just let my imagaination go.  Most of this painting was devised as I was painting.
"LIL BLUE FRIDA" Acrylic on Board Box 9" X 12", Exhibited on July 2014 at ChimMaya Art Gallery Los Angeles.  SOLD
"On the The Town"  Acrylic on Canvas 24" X 30"
"Emerging Woman 3"
Mix media Oil painting "sold" converted and changed in digital graphics.
"Ghost DOD" 8" X 8 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD