The Art of Violetta Antonia Sorcini 

Figurative Artwork Based in Los Angeles, CA

Figurative Art
Violetta Antonia Sorcini Artist
"No Strings Symphony" Acrylic on Canvas 48" X 49.75"
"No Strings Symphony" 48"X 49.5" Acrylic on Canvas from "Amazing Youth Series"

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My Artist Statement:

My artwork tells a story, allegories, making statements about my life, my experiences and how I see the world.  Some of my statements are about esthetics, inviting contemplation while keeping  positive.  I see art as entertainment, something that stimulates your esthetics and imagination.  I use the appropriate technique or style that best serves my communication.  My color pallet tends to the warm high contrast by cultural influences both in the social environment and the my experiences with the expanding world influences.  I work to keep contemporary because I want my messages to be seen and appreciated in todays world environment.  I concern myself with composition, how things move on the artwork and color composition both to give a sense of kinetics and vibrancy.  I work in series, not serials,  instead, I have divided my interests in to a series of images of places I love, people in my life, others that influence me and these ideas are currently expressed in; landscapes, abstracts, figurative, photography and digital images.   I start my artworks with meditation on life then translating the resulting ideas into sketches, photography or digital format.  I don't work from life, except for sketching because my artwork is produced in a subliminal fashion making compositions decisions on the fly balancing all the while keeping the initial statement in tack.  My work is not academic but stream of conscience developed on canvas.  Making the experience of creating a personal one that others may find relatable. 

Violetta Antonia Sorcini: Biography

Raised in East Los Angeles leaving home at the age of Fifteen MS. Violetta Antonia Sorcini became acquainted with street and mural artists Los Cuatro from East Los Angeles.  Inspired, she graduated from UCLA School of Arts studying an influenced by Richard Diebenkron, Sam Amato, Jan Stussy among others.  Ms. Sorcini had a long career as an abstract artist, showing regularly with representation in Los Angeles and in New York.  Her honors included a residency in Spain and being invited by His Majesty Juan Carlos II to a group show at the Palace Armory in Madrid, with notable American and European artists Jamie Wyeth and works by the renowned Spanish artist Xavier Corbero.  Over 15 years ago, she was stricken with a near fatal illness with a long rehabilitation.  Having restarted her art career with a number of projects that involve taking a look at her social and physical environments and making interpretations from experiences and social sensibilities.  Currently, exhibiting locally, internationally and associated with the ChimMaya Art Gallery and La Galleria Gitana in Los Angeles, California.  After a successful career in abstract art Ms. Violetta Antonia Sorcini is again an emerging artist.  

Violetta Antonia Sorcini "V"

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