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Sorcini by Design
Violetta Antonia Sorcini Artist
"No Strings Symphony" Acrylic on Canvas 48" X 49.75"
"No Strings Symphony" 48"X 49.5" Acrylic on Canvas from "Amazing Youth Series"
"Putting on the Face"

Photography has always been a passion of mine,
I have worked with notables, Robert Heineken and Robert Fichter.  I am exploring the environment of California, Los Angeles and in particular East Los Angeles.  
I have also been bitten by the computer graphics bug, I am fascinated by the possibilities.

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My artwork is about telling stories, allegories, making statements about my life, my experiences and how I see the world.  Some of my statements are warnings veiled in esthetics keeping  positive.  I see art as entertainment, something that stimulates your esthetics and imagination.  I use the appropriate technique or style that best serves my communication.  My color pallet tends to the warm high contrast by cultural influences, I am Latina on my mothers side and Italian from my fathers side.  I work to keep contemporary because I want my messages to been seen and appreciated.  I concern myself with composition, how things move on the artwork and color composition both to give a sense of kinetics and vibrancy.  I work in series, not serials,  instead, I have divided my interests in to a series of images of places I love, people in my life, others that influence me and these ideas are currently expressed in; landscapes, abstracts, figurative, photography and digital images.   I start my artworks with meditation on life then translating the resulting ideas into sketches, photography or digital format.  I don't work from life, except for sketching because my artwork is produced in a subliminal fashion making compositions decisions on the fly balancing all while keeping the initial statement in tack.  For me, this is a very fun mind game and challenge often delighting me at the final product.  I am going through my most creative and prolific period of my life.  I am having fun, I hope you enjoy my work.

Violetta Antonia Sorcini "V"

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